SunSoaked Sisterhood – How to be SunSafeChic and Active at the beach


Our resident action woman – Cate, 50,  is an active, stylish working Mum of two energetic young boys who loves her job as a stylist, helping everyday women reclaim their style or reinvent themselves. A vibrant woman who loves her weekly Zumba and a good chat.



This year SunSoaked decided to enlist the help of five everyday women in their Summer campaign to promote SunSafe Chic, Ageless Style, Body Confidence, Beauty Diversity and Sustainable Luxury.

We asked Cate about her SunSoaked life and being part of the SunSoaked Sisterhood.


SS: What’s your favourite Australian beach ? 

Byron Bay of course, we got engaged and married there.


SS: What do you love to do when you are by the ocean ? 

Swim, surf, walk and spot dolphins


SS: What do you read at the beach ? 

I love to spend most of my time in the water, on the rocks or on kid patrol ! But, if I do get some down time, its 100% a fashion mag.


SS: What is the best thing about living where you do ?

I love that we can do a day trip to the ocean, we often go very early, its exactly 2 hours to Byron.
The boys sleep on the way home and my husband & I get to chat.


SS: What is your perfect Summer day to night ?

An impromptu stayover is always a treat. Late afternoon and early mornings are my favourite times on the beach.


SS: What music is on your Summer playlist ?

Haha  if it’s my choice all the 70’s 80’s and early 90’s tunes come out. If its my husband’s choice its chilled lounge sets.


SS: What was the best thing about the SunSoaked Sisterhood shoot? 

THE PEOPLE I met for sure and the house we stayed and shot at in Casuarina Beach wasn’t bad either.


SS: What are your sunsafe tips ? 

Cover up whenever possible, in SunSoaked pieces, naturally.


SS: How would you describe SunSoaked to someone ?

Do yourself a favour!!!! It feels supportive, it protects you and it looks fantastic.


Cate is wearing the Nicole Swim Top,  the Swim Active range – Shop it Here 


Cate is wearing the JANIE one piece in Nero and the  AVA swim short in Zingara


Cate is wearing the EMMA one piece in ZingaraShop it here 



Connect with Cate 

IG @individualstyle101 


Cate is part of the 2017 SunSoaked Sisterhood

celebrating women of all sizes, shapes, ages, lifestyles, backgrounds, and ethniticies

and promoting

  • sunsafe chic
  • body confidence
  • beauty & age diversity
  • effortless style
  • sustainable luxury


2017 SunSoaked Sisterhood  in the iconic JANIE nero the #ultimateonepiece

Siyu, Cate, Erin, Jenna, Mary 






Film: The Smile Factory Film 

Photos: Mike Curtain Photography

Stylist: Sally Steele STEELEMyStyle 

Visor by Felicity Boevink Millinery 

Location : La Maison Pacifique