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Founder and designer Kate Davis Steer

In 2012 Kate had a vision to create a sun protection label that was chic and fashion focussed without compromising on UV protection.

SunSoaked was born from Kate’s own experience. When her daughter was young she went to buy a rashie for a beach holiday and was aghast at not being able to find anything with a hint of style.  Having a background in design and fashion, Kate’s passion culminated in the creation and development of SunSoaked sun protective swimwear.

Kate’s first priority was to re-invent the traditionally masculine and sporty rashie into something much more feminine and appealing to women. Coining the term ‘swim top’ Kate’s design incorporated the practicalities of a sun protective garment with a fashion aesthetic.

Kate had identified a gap in the sun protection market and realised that if she was looking for something more, then other women may also be doing the same. As it turns out she was right. On launching SunSoaked the positive response was overwhelming.

SunSoaked’s first collection of three swim tops was released to an eager market.  The label has now grown to include an extended line of swim tops, along with coordinating swim shorts, swim skirts and swimsuits.

SunSoaked caters for a broad range of sun protection needs from those women needing to cover up for health reasons to those wanting to protect themselves from the damaging and ageing effects of the sun.  With many first time rashie wearers Kate is pleased to be making a contribution to skin cancer awareness and education and to be influencing women to take care of their skin by covering up.

Kate started selling her range locally in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast. Now SunSoaked is sold and worn all around Australia and internationally.