SunSoaked Sisterhood – How to Relax and Recharge in Style


Born and raised in China, Siyu, 39 is a happy, single mum of two, who loves nature, art, photography, yoga, a good laugh and being by the ocean. Siyu, who now calls Australia home, became a world traveller in her teens and has fully embraced the Aussie beach culture since she emigrated 11 years ago.




This year SunSoaked decided to enlist the help of five everyday women in their Summer campaign to promote SunSafe Chic, Ageless Style, Body Confidence, Beauty Diversity and Sustainable Luxury.

We asked Siyu about her SunSoaked life and being part of the SunSoaked Sisterhood.


SS: What’s your favourite Australian beach ? 

I love all the beaches around Australia, Tangalooma, Stradbroke Island, Byron Bay, Noosa etc. every beach is beautiful in its own way.


SS: What do you love to do when you are by the ocean ? 

Pick shells and interesting looking rocks – I have a big collection of seashells at home. And eat a double cone gelato !


SS: What do you read at the beach ? 

Depends on my mood, from yoga/health/active/cooking/lifestyle magazine to a deep meaningful life creation book, it’s all about what makes me happy.


SS: What is the best thing about living where you do ?

I love the fresh salty sea air, white sand, treasures that I can find on the beach, unlimited sunshine, healthy glowing skin, friendly smiles and falling asleep every night with wave therapy.


SS: What is your perfect Summer day to night ?

Wake up with the sun rising on the beach, put on my comfortable SunSoaked top and shorts to do an hour gentle yoga to start the day.

Eat a homemade healthy yummy breakfast with fresh local produce, then head to the market or sit under a palm tree on the beach with a book. Take a nap then have a late afternoon dip in the ocean. Put on my beautiful SunSoaked resort wear and meet up with friends for dinner, drinks, music and a good laugh. Bliss!!


SS: What music is on your Summer playlist ?

Island music that makes everyone dance.


SS: What was the best thing about the SunSoaked Sisterhood shoot? 

It was very fun and relaxed, exactly how I would wear SunSoaked – at a beautiful beach house with a group of like-minded friends enjoying a good time.


SS: What are your sunsafe tips ? 

SunSoaked swim & resort, big hat, sunglasses & sunscreen all the way !


SS: How would you describe SunSoaked to someone ?

If you are looking for a swimsuit that looks great, is comfortable and covers up your body for sun protection, as well as being fashionable SunSoaked ticks all the boxes! I will never go back to buy any other brand from now on (seriously)!




Siyu is wearing the EMMA one piece in Sotto La Palma with SUZANNE swim short   styled with her own accessories.


Connect with Siyu

IG @seeyouwithlove


Siyu is part of the 2017 SunSoaked Sisterhood

celebrating women of all sizes, shapes, ages, lifestyles, backgrounds, and ethniticies

and promoting

  • sunsafe chic
  • body confidence
  • beauty & age diversity
  • effortless style
  • sustainable luxury


2017 SunSoaked Sisterhood  in the iconic JANIE nero the #ultimateonepiece

Siyu, Cate, Erin, Jenna, Mary 






Photos: Mike Curtain Photography

Stylist: Sally Steele STEELEMyStyle 

Location : La Maison Pacifique